North Pacific Corporation



                                    PACIFIC GRENADIER


Pacific grenadier, Coryphaenoides acrolepis, was discovered by our producer and is now being actively harvested in the Sea of Okhotsk and the Bering Sea. Harvesting occurs at uncharted depth close to 2000 meters thereby guarantying an ecologically clean environment. The far eastern basin of Russia is equipped to offer a sustainable fishery with 30,000 metric tons of TAC have been allocated for production of this species, with JSC Vostok-1 holding 16,154.7 metric tons of quota. Our producer has also been harvesting another type of grenadier for many years and is well trained and equipped for Pacific grenadier production.


Pacific grenadier fishery is a longline production, which yields quality product, free of defects commonly associated with other production methods. For Vostok-1, this species is a yearlong production, meaning that there is always a steady supply of finished product available to our customers. Pacific grenadier is processed on board of all seven vessels and is delivered to port in block-frozen H&G&T 15-20 kg bags. Final product is graded according to the following specifications: PL (1-2kg), PM (1-2kg), PS (0.7-1kg), and PS (0.4-0.7 kg).


The fish itself is very unique in that it has a very white flesh and texture similar to Pacific cod, but far superior in taste, is low in fat, and has a higher saturation of useful amino acids than other fish in the cod family, such as pollock and cod. In addition to its great taste, the flesh of the Pacific grenadier has a wonderful, firm texture suitable for cooking in many ways and results in a finished dish with a highly appetizing appearance.